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By , 09.06.2023

In All Shapes and Sizes

The new Sphere™ in Las Vegas, reportedly the world’s highest-resolution wraparound LED screen and world’s largest spherical structure, shows how uniquely shaped digital signage draws attention and can make your digital signage the talk of the town.

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By Chris Blevens, 05.31.2023

Using Responsible Gaming Tools

As the gaming industry grows, so does the need for responsible gaming efforts. JCM’s PromoNet® system was developed with that in mind. PromoNet can be used as a responsible gaming tool to watch for player behavior that’s considered “concerning” and take action.

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By James “Smitty” Smith, 04.17.2023

Preparing for Your Next Digital Signage Project

Digital signage is everywhere now – billboards, airports, casinos, and more – but it can be hard to know where to start if you’re considering an installation at your property.

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By Chris Blevens, Paul Pechinko, and James “Smitty” Smith, 01.01.2023

2023 Gaming Technology Trends

We asked our team of JCM product managers which trends they think we will see across systems technology, automation, and digital signage in the gaming industry in 2023.

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By Chris Blevens, 11.30.2022

Empowering Data & Cash Box Collection

What if you could put your data to work for you? Whether you’re using JCM Global’s (JCM) award-winning UBA® or the industry leading iVIZION® bill validator,

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By Dave Kubajak, 10.20.2022

G2E: Taking in the Entire Show Experience

After 26 years in the gaming industry, G2E, is about the entire show experience and everyone in it: the anticipation of seeing old friends and industry contacts I haven’t seen regularly through the years

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By Paul Pechinko, 06.06.2022

The ICB ASAP® Technology Roadmap

When JCM was developing our ICB® Intelligent Cash Box System, our product management teams spent a lot of time in casino count rooms,

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By Chris Blevens, 04.28.2022

The FUZION® Technology Roadmap

Having JCM’s GEN5® thermal printer and iVIZION® or UBA® Pro bill validator means all roads lead to the FUZION system.

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By James "Smitty" Smith, 04.07.2022

Customizing and Controlling Content

Across the U.S., casino properties of all sizes have moved away from old-school backlit Duratrans at the casino entrance or end of a slot bank to the more exciting and flexible medium of digital signage.

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By Paul Pechinko, 02.14.2022

The ICB ASAP® Origin Story

Robotic automation has been around for quite a while. For example, the automotive industry started using robots 60 years ago, and today, a great majority of repetitive motion and/or critical tasks are done with some sort of robotics and/or automation.

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