September 06, 2023

In All Shapes and Sizes

The new Sphere™ in Las Vegas, reportedly the world’s highest-resolution wraparound LED screen and world’s largest spherical structure, shows how uniquely shaped digital signage draws attention and can make your digital signage the talk of the town. Features like extreme curves and 3D shapes require equally flexible solutions and additional considerations.

For digital signage in any shape or size to display as expected, the operator needs to make sure the physical connections are made correctly, the content is rendered correctly, and the controllers are programmed correctly. Content creators take the 3-D shape and flatten it into a 2-D canvas during the design process to see what they need to build. Each area is given a resolution, and the designers get a better understanding of how the content wraps around curves, edges, etc. and interacts with areas full of content or negative space.

There are a variety of digital signage models that can be used to create unique shapes fitting any casino and hospitality space. Curved archways, for example, can be created with the FLEX LITE-S™ product line from JCM Digital Signage Solutions (DSS). DSS MAX-R™, VB DIAMOND™, and TV PRO™ models are perfect for flat walls. For traditional video walls, it’s important to understand the physical aspect of the sign dimensions and the mounting method before installation. Cabinets for the digital signage can be designed for curved and flat walls to accommodate the environment.

The DSS FLEX LITE-S gives the customer a great deal of flexibility. Its cabinet can be built with curves to form flat displays, rolling displays, circular displays, and more. Made of flexible material, FLEX LITE-S is designed with slits on the back of each panel that allows for movement. Each panel can flex by more than 145°, making it a great choice for convex, concave, and cylindrical shapes. Any spherical shapes mean the LEDs have to be easily accessible.

For sharper angles, the DSS AirSLIM™ is flexible and can hug a tight curve because its cabinet is thinner. In other models, the cabinet thickness will prevent a display from accepting a tight turn because as the cabinet is rotated, it creates a more visible seam in the digital signage.

DSS CUBES™ make it possible to create unique 3-D installations like pyramids, column stacks, or suspended cubes. With digital signage panels on each side, the CUBES can be viewed from every angle of a casino or hospitality area.

If customers want to combine existing product lines, like our 3-D CUBES and MAX-R, we can work with our partners to create custom frames and mounts to accommodate them.

Digital signage can be scaled up or down, depending on the number of panels used in the configuration. Just like cabinets can be built for different curvatures, they can also be designed for specific lengths and widths that fit the customer’s vision. Every cabinet has a labeled number on the back of it to mark that they’re the same type and size, taking the guess work out of installation. Installation often requires JCM Global to collaborate with several vendors on digital signage projects, and larger configurations and sizes may require different skill sets as display projects are commissioned.

JCM Global works with several contractors to help meet the customer’s AV needs and make their digital signage dreams a reality – no matter the shape or size.