May 31, 2023

Using Responsible Gaming Tools

As the gaming industry grows, so does the need for responsible gaming efforts. JCM’s PromoNet® system was developed with that in mind. PromoNet can be used as a responsible gaming tool to watch for player behavior that’s considered “concerning” and take action.

Using data from their casino’s activity, the operator can set the threshold for “concerning” behavior that doesn’t follow the conduct of the average player. They can review various factors like total spend, overall loss, and time spent on the machine by the player to determine the baseline for responsible gaming messaging. Operators can also set different criteria for separate banks of machines like ones in a high limit area versus the main casino floor.

Once an operator has used our PromoNet software to set the thresholds, they are able to choose the responsible gaming messaging and graphics that best fit their customer base. That responsible gaming content could include a coupon for coffee at their café with a suggestion to take a break or an informational message about local resources, for example. With PromoNet, the casino operator has the ability to create and upload their own artwork, giving them full control over their communications to customers.

With thresholds set and graphics uploaded, the information is downloaded through the PromoNet system to JCM’s GEN5® thermal printer. The GEN5 will then print the appropriate responsible gaming messaging when a player displays the pre-set behaviors. PromoNet tracks the total number of coupons issued, and the data can be evaluated to determine the effectiveness of the program.

Responsible gaming messages, with the help of systems like PromoNet, empower players through informed choice, encourage appropriate gambling behavior, and provide information and resources to those who may need help.