April 07, 2022

Customizing and Controlling Content

Across the U.S., casino properties of all sizes have moved away from old-school backlit Duratrans at the casino entrance or end of a slot bank to the more exciting and flexible medium of digital signage. This enables operators to communicate with their guests in more meaningful and entertaining ways. What was once a static printed image in a box is now a full digital display that can broadcast several different messages, rather than just one. Adding to the flexibility, there are multiple ways to customize the content on a casino’s digital signage.

With direct view LED digital signage, playing content is like turning on a TV and finding the right channel. Everything is electronic and programming content to play is no different. JCM works with expert contractors to provide control systems that simplify the process.

Video control systems are conductors for the digital display equipment and allow operators to change the messaging of their digital media on the fly. Video control systems provide direction to media servers on which content to play and when.
Media servers play and store the content a property wants to showcase. High-end media servers provide internal hard drives for content storage and can allow interfacing with external inputs such as HTML pages,

cameras, and other content sources. With media servers, casino marketing teams can get creative with the variety and sources of their messaging. Many companies also have a calendar-type function where the user can simply click their calendar and the video they want, when they want it, where they want it. The operator can change the content throughout the day as well. For example, customers can play brighter content during the day and switch to night-themed content after sunset.

Controllers are a necessary tool to specify the LED color, brightness, and other calibration settings set by the operator. The controller also commands the DV LED display and tells each individual LED what to display, allowing customers to go immediately to the “right channel” of content.
Video control systems also command controllers and switchers allowing the user to split the screen from one window to multiple windows and choose which inputs to display on the screen. More layered control systems can direct audio channels and inputs. These tools bring a lot of flexibility to sportsbooks and sports bars, convention centers, and more.

The more LED digital signage is installed at properties, the more casino operators become familiar with the various options. Casinos are getting more creative and coming up with unique design and content ideas that JCM hasn’t implemented before. Many of our customers are like kids with a new Christmas toy, excited to create new content and messaging, and our teams here at JCM are up for the challenge. Custom installations like The Link at Choctaw Casino Resort – Durant, the buffet installation at Grand Casino & Resort, or the promenade ceiling at MotorCity Casino Hotel are great examples of how digital signage configurations and content can be tailored to the environment and the customer’s unique vision.