DSS TV PRO™ is the flexible solution for a multitude of spaces, including casino floors and sportsbooks, hotel lobbies, security command centers, and more. With a weight of 4.2 kg/panel, DSS TV PRO can be easily wall-mounted and is designed for common aspect ratios like 16:9 or 4:3. Its fanless design also makes it a great fit for audio sensitive applications.


  • Ultra high image quality that brings sports and concerts to life
  • A tight pixel pitch ranging from 1.25mm to 1.87mm
  • High color fidelity showcasing over 281 trillion colors
  • Seamless panel-to-panel connection for brilliant video wall configurations

Typical Applications

Casino Floor, Security Command Center, Convention & Exhibit Space, Sportsbook, Arena/Stadium, Retail Shopping, Sports Bar, Nightclubs, Hotel Lobby