BlueWaveDX™ Tool

Using high-speed data transfer, the lightweight BlueWaveDX™ Tool allows you to easily update, configure, and test your bill validators and printers. By connecting the BlueWaveDX to the bill validator via USB, the device allows the user to view the current firmware version, acceptance rate on the last 100 banknotes, enable or disable ICB® function, run diagnostic tools, and review status errors.


  • Quickly select firmware from a list before downloading
  • Easily verify the current firmware installed on the bill validator
  • Instantly shows bill validator acceptance rate of last 100 notes
  • Easily troubleshoot errors without referring to a manual
  • Convenient power options for field use
  • Supports iVIZION®, GEN2U™, GEN5®, TBV™, UBA®, UBA Pro, VEGA™, iPRO™/iPRO-RC™

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