November 30, 2022

Empowering Data & Cash Box Collection

What if you could put your data to work for you? Whether you’re using JCM Global’s (JCM) award-winning UBA® or the industry leading iVIZION® bill validator, you can do just that with Intelligent Cash Box (ICB®) system. ICB was designed to streamline the cash box collection process through memory chip technology, collecting and transferring data about each cash box and bill validator to ICB Web Reports.

The cash box is equipped with a memory module which stores the asset number of the machine within its data. Once the cash box is placed onto a JCM docking station, the memory module sends the asset number to a printer which creates a header/trailer card. At this point, the memory chip is erased and is ready to be returned to any machine on the casino floor. This solution dramatically reduces variances and simplifies and speeds up the cash box collection process by eliminating the need to meticulously keep track of which cash box belongs to which machine.

When a cash box is placed back into an ICB-enabled bill validator, the memory chip is verified to ensure that the cash box has been processed. If the bill validator determines the cash box data isn’t erased, it will leave the machine in a disabled state until an erased cash box is inserted. This eliminates the risk of a “hot” cash box getting used in another machine and causing an auditing problem.

While a cash box is seated in the frame of a bill validator, the memory chip inside it is also collecting all the data for the cash box contents and health of the bill validator. Any time a rejection or error happens on the device, these are recorded and tied to the asset number, so the device’s health can be tracked historically. All this data is downloaded by the docking station then is propagated into ICB Web Reports. The reports from the ICB system are tailored to employee roles at the casino (slots, marketing, finance, etc.), giving them relevant information to help make data-driven decisions.

UBA and iVIZION have different ICB communication methods to transfer the asset numbers, cash box contents, and bill validator health data. UBA uses an Infrared (IR) Module which is attached to the cash box. The iVIZION has all ICB hardware included as standard and uses RFID technology for ICB communication. There are a few benefits to using RFID technology: faster transfer speeds, less space (you won’t even know it’s there), no battery needed, and more reliable connections. The JCM docking station supports both RFID and IR ICB modules and all sizes of JCM cash boxes.

The ICB system is the result of JCM spending years in casino count rooms and collaborating with customers to improve how operators process cash boxes. It’s a solution that increases efficiency, enhances security, and gives insight into cash box and bill validator data for casinos of all sizes.