April 17, 2023

Preparing for Your Next Digital Signage Project

Digital signage is everywhere now – billboards, airports, casinos, and more – but it can be hard to know where to start if you’re considering an installation at your property. JCM prepares customers for their upcoming Digital Signage Solutions projects by getting a better understanding of the property’s goals, existing structures, and design ideas.

When first discussing a potential digital signage project, it’s important to keep the following in mind:

Motorcity site survey

We start by asking questions like “What are you going to use the display for?” “Will the display broadcast live TV, provide customer information, or be used to direct people to a certain location?” By asking these questions, we want to make sure we understand their goals, so we can make recommendations that will have a return on objective.
We also ask the customer where they want to place the display, considering the distance of their audience and the location of seating, if needed. The height above the floor (AFF – above finished floor) or if the display will need protection from foot traffic are factored into the project too. In addition, we look at the existing structure of their desired location and ask about the material (concrete, wall type, etc.), the space for mounting, how the display will be mounted, the nearest electrical panel, and MDF/IDF room locations.

Lastly, we have financial discussions to understand a customer’s budget and estimated purchase date.

Using answers from the above questions helps us to organize/conduct a site survey. Here is what you can expect during that process:
Interior Installations

Dakota Dunes site survey

An interior site survey includes reviewing the structure and power and data box elevation drawings with the customer, as well as existing utilities access. It is also important to identify any potential obstructions in the installation area.
Exterior Installations
Exterior project site surveys are completed with more details because the weather and elements determine the foundation, the main structure, and subframe types. In some cases, soil testing is required, wind loads need to be determined, and proximity to bodies of saltwater need to be understood. For all exterior projects, average temperature, humidity, and air quality need to be understood.

Replacing Existing Installations
In addition to the typical review process, replacing existing LED requires an inspection of the existing structure and determining if the existing framework can be reused based on its current condition.

If you need design help during the early part of this process, our content partners can create limited renderings to give customers a visual representation of their future display.

Throughout the digital signage installation process, JCM works with signage manufacturers, cabinet makers, contractors, A/V teams, and more to bring the casino’s vision to life. Don’t forget though that a successful project begins with a solid foundation. It’s important to ask the right questions and do the necessary preparation.

To partner with JCM on your next digital signage installation, contact your JCM account representative or email sales@jcmglobal.com.