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Putting customers first

As the JCM Global team looks back on 2021, our proudest achievements are what we have done for our customers, says Dave Kubajak.

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From the Top: G2E Roars Back

JCM Global had a crowd at its booth from the 1st minute the Expo opened thanks to its ICB ASAP, an automated robotics solution.

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Innovating for efficiency

When JCM Global (JCM) created the innovative ICB system, it immediately increased efficiencies throughout the drop process.

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G2E: Systems take center stage at JCM booth

JCM Global wants you to know it’s more than just a cash-handling company. It’s also a large supplier of systems to the gaming.

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JCM: Automating the count room

ICB ASAP is an acronym for Intelligent Cash Box with Automated Secure Asset Processing, and it automates the count room.

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JCM Global G2E Preview

JCM Global brings more than 65 years of innovation to G2E 2021. It’s why over 84% of North American casinos use JCM solutions.

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JCM Global’s ICB ASAP is the biggest technological advancement to come to the count room since JCM introduced its ICB system.

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