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Software Tools

All Software Tools are distributed in ZIP archive format. Applications must be extracted from ZIP file before using.

Microsoft .NET FrameworkSome JCM software requires Microsoft's .NET Framework.
Click HERE for Microsoft's .NET site or click the logo to download from JCM:
Release DateRevNameDescriptionFile Size
12/12/20111.02CRC Signature Verification This application will verify the CRC of a program521 KB
02/21/20141.02CRC Signature Verification USB (iVIZION, iPRO)This application will verify the CRC of a program on the iVIZION and iPRO using a USB connection1.1 MB
02/08/2010DBV300Cab300(S08)This program is used to adjust the sensors on DBV30x model validators2.34 MB
09/18/2005v2.07DWN03This app is used to force download the DBV-3XX. When downloading DBV-3XX using PSP03 Program Download and process was interrupted while in download process, firmware in the unit will be corrupted. Must use force download application to re-flash unit.52 KB
12/17/2014FLDFU DownloaderRev MB
12/17/2014FLI CommWrangler Rev. 2.0.34558 KB
12/17/2014FLI DownloaderRev. 2.00.0201.88 MB
03/01/2009v1.6ID003 Driver BasicThis application allows the complete communications testing of a JCM Validator using a PC as a host. This version allows selection of the com port. See the Basic Driver Documentation for details.786 KB
02/14/2011v2.01ID024 Driver BasicThis application allows the complete communications testing of a JCM Validator using a PC as a host. This application is specific to the ID024 protocol. See the Basic Driver Documentation for details on running and using the Basic Driver program.3.83 MB
10/23/2014v1.28JCM Tool SuiteThis utility combines the capability to Download, Calibrate and view Acceptance information from the front USB port on all models of the UBA, iVIZION, iPRO, TBV and EBA-40 validator17.92 MB
09/18/2005v3.40Palm A-66View the currently installed software in the A-66 coin changer and to diagnose the unit.433 KB
09/18/2005v4.10Palm FlashThis application is used only for loading software or to change the software on A-66 coin changer.63 KB
09/18/2005v1.40Palm StatTap on the upper left corner of the PALM and choose "See Data" to browse on the captured data from the coin changer.26 KB
08/08/2006v3.4.0PSP-04If a program download failed before completing the download, you must use DWN-03 and set the dip switches to be able to re-download the software to the unit. The DWN-03 firmware application information contains the dip switch settings.38 KB
02/21/2014v1.0.3.0Sentry 2 ApplicationSentry 2 Maintenance Application8.8 MB
08/11/2009v1.0.12TicketCop: Barcode Evaluation SoftwareIntended to aid barcode ticket designers in making tickets with high acceptance in JCM acceptor equipment. This software tests tickets in 5 important ways: Barcode Value, Length, Amplitude Level, Low Transparency Point, High Transparency Point.2.26 MB
03/18/2008v3.02UBA Downloader (Vista Compatible)This application will download a data file from a PC to the UBA validator for software upgrade purposes.4.22 MB
10/25/2007v1.2UBA InstallerThis application will upload the data files from a PC to a PocketPC for software installation to the UBA validator.0.98 MB
03/18/2008v1.19UBA, WBA AccLoadThis application can be used to view acceptance and denomination information from the UBA-10 and WBA 12/13 bill acceptors.373 KB
12/22/2009v1.04Version CheckThis program allows the user to read the version of software currently loaded in the bill validator. Set the baud rate on the validator with the dip switches and select com port and baud rate in the program.204 KB
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