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іVIZION® Bill Acceptor
  • Contact Image Sensor (CIS) Technology
  • Two high-speed processors
  • Fastest note-to-note processing speed
  • 99%+ acceptance rate
Universal Bill Acceptor Recycler (UBA-RC™)
  • Currency recycling to reduce float & eliminate coin starvation.
  • Compact design for optimum flexibility in device integration.
  • Two high capacity chambers for two denominations up to 100 notes each.
  • Accepts banknotes up to 85mm wide for all global applications.
Transactional Bill Validator (TBV™)
  • Accepts multiple denominations & currencies simultaneously.
  • Sensor on Board technology for the highest level of counterfeit detection.
  • Single note and bulk note applications enable one device for multiple uses.
  • Bulk note feeder accepts up to 50 notes for quick processing of large stacks.
Universal Bill Acceptor (UBA®)
  • JCM Technology Delivers the Highest Performance and Security to Worldwide Markets
  • Superior Magnetic and Optical Sensing Technology
  • U.S. & International Currencies up to 85mm
  • Backward Compatible, High Impact Plastic Cash Box
Intelligent Cash Box 2.5 (ICB®)
  • Speed up drop process
  • Reduce Variances
  • Deliver unfiltered bill validator reports
  • 100% acceptance on new currency updates
PayCheck 4™  Printer
  • Fastest printer in gaming for greater customer satisfaction.
  • Longest print head life for better reliability and lower overall cost.
  • Most standard memory in gaming printers lets you personalize with fonts, images, logos.
  • Unique illuminated anti-jamming bezel reduces paper jams for more uptime.
  • JCM Technology Delivers the Highest Performance and Security to Worldwide Markets
  • Highest first time acceptance rate
  • Faster note-to-note acceptance rate
  • Sophisticated sensing and anti-stringing package
BlueWave™ 2.0
  • Load firmware at the machine quickly and easily.
  • Uses easily interchangeable SD cards for all protocols.
  • USB connection for iVIZION®, TBV™, UBA®, Vega™.
  • Operates on two AA size alkaline batteries.
Sentry® Smart Entry Bezel
  • Brilliant Green, Orange, Red and Blue LEDs, easily seen on the casino floor
  • Last-bill denomination indicator helps settle disputes
  • Enhances game product appeal to both operators and players
  • Adaptable to virtually any slot machine configuration or software protocol
HSVL Transformer
  • Unique spindle latch holds roll security
  • 270° adjustable spindle arms enhance mounting flexibility
  • Durable, intuitive, modular design
  • Connection ports on each side as well as back
TAIKO™ (PUB-7/11)
  • Innovative Drum Technology
  • 7 Color LED Faceplate
  • DIP Switch Selectable Interfaces
  • Built In Anti-Fishing Protection
Digital Displays
  • Reputable, commercial quality displays
  • Wide range of LCD and Plasma monitors
  • Video Walls, Advertising, Digital Signage, Jackpot Meters, more...
DBV®-300 Bill Validator
  • High Impact Plastic Bill Validator
  • Optical and Magnetic Sensors
  • Intelligent 3-way LED for easy field diagnosis
  • High-speed 4-way acceptance
Coin Counter (CS-25)
  • High Speed Counting
  • International Coin & Token Models Available
  • Variable Batch Counting
Bill Validator Cleaning System with Waffletechnology (KIC)
  • Fits all UBA and WBA machines
  • Helps maintain high acceptance rate
  • Cleans without needing to open equipment
  • Reduces security risk
  • Lockable removable Cash Box
  • Supports multiple interface protocols
  • Optional programmable Bill Recycler
  • Software downloads can be done via USB port in less than one minute
Plastic Cash Box - 1,000 Note Capacity (PCB-1000)
  • High impact plastic
  • Last bill-in viewing window
  • Compatible with WBA® and UBA® bill validator units
  • Intelligent Cash Box compatible(ICB®)
Plastic Cash Box (PCB)
  • 600 Note or Ticket Capacity
  • Compatibile with the UBA and WBA
  • Multi-Width Note Acceptance (62 - 85mm)
  • Multi-Length Note Acceptance (120 - 170mm)

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